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The Hunger for Leadership February 19, 2007

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As America celebrates, Washington’s birthday, polls find Americans increasingly unsatisfied with the Presidential candidates promoted by the mainstream press. According to a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, 49% of Americans and 53% of Republicans aren’t satified with their current choices for President.

It’s this disastifaction that drove John Cox to enter this campaign. If you’re tired of politics as usual, than we ask your help in taking back the Republican Party. We’re proud to present this five point petition:

We, the undersigned, call for a return of our beloved Republican Party to the people, and away from the reign of career politicians who have:

  1. Spent our nation into a mountain of debt, in a vain attempt to out-spend the Democrats or to appear “compassionate” in the face of media pressure,
  2. Failed to address our urgent immigration control crisis as our nation’s wages are lowered by those who break the law,
  3. Continued to wallow in a corrupt and failed system of taxation, using the sale of tax loopholes to gain campaign contributions
  4. Valued celebrity over statesmanship and style over substantive changes that would have actually made our lives better
  5. Voted to vastly increase the size and reach of government with Medicare Part D and No Child Left Behind, abandoning conservative, free market principles.

We stand together and call for fundamental tax reform, real immigration control that respects our laws, more competition, and a return to statesmanship in our political system.

Click here to sign.


2025: The John Cox Plan for Energy Independence January 31, 2007

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* GOP Presidential candidate John Cox Announces “The 2025 Plan:
Energy Independence by 2025” *

John Cox, the first announced candidate for president, today
announced his plan to achieve energy independence for the United

The five-point plan outlines ways in which America can wean itself
off foreign sources of energy.

“We cannot continue to send money overseas, funding our enemies and
increasing the chances that they will use that money to finance
terrorism against us,” he said. “Ensuring safe, clean domestically
produced sources of energy is a national security issue as much as
it is an energy issue. We must begin now to encourage the free
market to develop solutions that government has thus far been unable
to provide.”

1. More Domestic Exploration – “As a first step, we must drill for
more oil in Alaska. We must explore the ANWR region, and do it in an
environmentally safe way. Expanded capacity is vital for our
nation’s energy needs.”

2. Energy Diversity. – “We have become addicts to oil. That must
end. Nuclear and clean coal technologies offer huge benefits. Among
them are dramatic lessening of our dependence on foreign or even
domestic oil. The key to energy independence is diversification of
the resources we use.”

3. Long-Term Solutions – “Wind, solar and other sources of energy
can be exploited far more than they have up until now. Renewable
energy sources such as these hold the promise of complete
independence from fossil fuels. The free market is capable of
creating cleaner burning gasoline engines, electric and hydrogen
powered cars and other technologies we haven’t even dreamt of As
president, I would use the Bully Pulpit to encourage growth and
innovation in the energy sector.”

4. End All Subsidies for Big Oil – “We must make the playing field
level. Giving subsidies to oil companies requires us to give
subsidies to other energy sectors. Ethanol producers require
subsidies to keep up with oil companies. Then, oil companies require
more subsidies. Subsidies create campaign contributions for
politicians, but they interfere with the free market, where most of
the energy innovations will come from in the coming decades.”

5. End The IRS – “While seemingly unrelated to energy, our current
tax system actually stifles competition, sucking capital out of the
economy and slowing development of new technologies. Replacing the
IRS with a FairTax that taxes consumption, not capital, would put
billions back into the economy and allow investment in renewable
energy and new, more efficient technologies that could save billions
in energy costs each year.”

Welcome to the Open Field January 15, 2007

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Media experts and party aficionados tend to limit the choices Republicans have to two Candidates. We’re told repeatedly who’s in and who’s out despite the fact that nothing’s happened and it’s all guess work.


One of America’s foremost political experts had a column on the race. Michael Barone doesn’t see any certainties, just a bunch of question marks. You can read Barone’s whole analysis here, he writes:

Thirteen months from now, we are likely to know who will be the nominees of our two major parties. The current leaders in the polls are in opposition to or in tension with their parties’ bases in important respects. Rudolph Giuliani is way out of line with cultural conservatives on issues like abortion, gay rights and gun control. John McCain has been at odds with Republican partisans on issues like campaign reform, detainees’ rights and tax cuts. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been out of line with the antiwar left on Iraq and other national security issues. Barack Obama — if he is to be included on the list — speaks in a tone far less angry and partisan than the enraged Democratic left.

There is no guarantee that any of these candidates will be nominated. Many Washington insiders think that Mitt Romney, now mostly unknown, and John Edwards, not yet known in depth, will emerge as strong contenders. Both fit more closely the profile of their parties’ bases — but both have records on issues that are inconveniently out of line with them. And dark horses could turn out to be strong horses. Who was giving serious consideration to Howard Dean at this point in the 2003-04 cycle?

Still, the likelihood is that the Republicans will nominate a candidate significantly different from George W. Bush and that the Democrats will nominate a candidate whose stands and style will differ significantly from that of Al Gore and John Kerry…I think we’re entering a period of open-field politics, in which both parties will be defined less by their past leaders than by their new nominees.

Some Conservatives tell me ‘now is not the time’ for a Conservative candidate. If not now, when? This is our chance, this is our time.  The American people are looking to choose a direction. The question is whether we’ll seize the day or miss our moment. 

Regardless, let us hear no more  of John Cox can’t win. There are no can’t. There’s only, “Let’s see what happens.” Welcome to the Open Field.

Hat Tip: Wizbang Politics

GOP Presidential candidate John Cox Calls Dr. Martin Luther King “A Visionary”; Calls for a Color-Blind Society January 15, 2007

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martin-luther-king-speech.jpgThe following statement was released today by John Cox, Republican candidate for president of the United States:

“In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill declaring that beginning in 1986, the third Monday of every January would be celebrated as Martin Luther King Day.

Reagan said Dr. King had a “truly prophetic voice,” and praised his challenge to his fellow citizens “to make real the promise of America as a land of freedom, equality, opportunity, and brotherhood.”

Dr. King would surely be pleased by how far we have come in the nearly 40 years since his violent and senseless death.

Living examples of his famous “I have a Dream” speech can be seen in schoolyards across America as children of all races and nationalities play and live together each day as friends. Neighbors and co-workers of all races and colors share their lives together with little thought towards differences in ethnic background.

Fulfilling Dr. King’s vision of judging our neighbors not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, requires us to seek an equality of opportunity for all.

We must achieve true opportunity in America for all of her citizens, regardless of color. We can do this only through working towards a truly colorblind society – one in which merit and opportunity work hand-in-hand, and one in which advancement is never based upon racial background.

Programs such as affirmative action, however, still cause division, separation and suspicion among people of different racial backgrounds.

Many economically disadvantaged children are trapped in schools that are failing to give them the educational head start they need, and deserve.

We must work towards a day in which no one is judged by their race, no one is advanced or kept back because of their race, and no one is simply judged by their race. Such a system corrodes the very nature of equality, and mocks Dr. King’s vision of a society in which skin color is never used to disqualify one from personal advancement and achievement.

A person’s principles, values and character truly count more than his or her racial or ethnic background. When that ideal becomes a universal reality, Dr. King’s vision of racial equality will be fully accomplished.

As we honor Dr. King and all who have fought for equality this day, let us rededicate ourselves to the ideal of equality, opportunity and brotherhood for all.”

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GOP Presidential Candidate John Cox Calls on Dobson, Christian Conservatives to “Find a Home” in His Pro-Family Campaign January 14, 2007

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dobson.jpgChristian broadcaster Dr. James Dobson spoke out in opposition to Senator John McCain’s presidential run Saturday, saying he would not vote for McCain, “under any circumstances,” citing specifically McCain’s failure to support traditional marriage.

During an interview with Dallas, TX radio station KCBI Saturday, Dobson, who made it clear he was speaking for himself, not the Focus on the Family organization he heads, said:

“I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances,” adding, “He’s not for traditional marriage and I pray that we won’t get stuck with him” as the GOP nominee.

Dobson was reacting to an audio clip of McCain responding to a question about gay marriage. “I think, uh … I think that gay marriage should be allowed if there’s a ceremony kind of thing, if you wanna call it that … I don’t have any problem with that,” McCain said on the clip.

Dobson also cited the McCain-Feingold law McCain co-sponsored in the U.S. Senate as another reason for his opposition. The bill prevented groups like Focus on the Family from speaking out regarding pending legislation in Congress, he said. The group has since started a separate organization to allow it to continue to speak out about relevant issues.

He said McCain is now sponsoring a bill with Democrats that put further restrictions on religious groups to exercise their free speech rights.

GOP presidential hopeful John Cox is a pro-family candidate who opposes gay marriage and civil unions and is pro-life, without exceptions. Like Dobson, he wants the McCain-Feingold legislation repealed.

Cox said he has heard statements like Dobson’s many times on the campaign trail.

“Dr. Dobson’s comments reflect the deep distrust conservative Republicans have with John McCain and other so-called ‘frontrunners,'” he said. “They do not want a liberal or an easily swayed ‘moderate’ as their presidential nominee in 2008. They want, and expect, a strong conservative voice in the White House, one who can stand up for the traditional family every day as president.

“I am working hard to give a voice to the conservative movement. It currently does not have a political voice. Conservatives are yearning to be heard again in the political process on issues like preserving the traditional family unit and on the tragedy of abortion.

“I hope Dr. Dobson will join others who have found a home in our presidential campaign: a movement for conservative, pro-family values and conservative solutions that is growing quickly across the nation.”

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John Cox Media Round-Up January 8, 2007

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New Hampshire Public Radio did a short piece on John Cox that covers a lot in 60 seconds. The only thing they get wrong is that opening the Manchester Office didn’t signal Cox’s entry into the race, he did that nine months ago.

 The Cox campaign posts an article from the Manchester Daily Express and another one from the Nashua Telepgraph.

Choose or Be Chosen For January 8, 2007

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Talking to someone tonight about the campaign, I was told two year presidential campaigns were crazy. He said he wouldn’t make up his mind as to whom he would support for at least a year. Doubtless many people feel the same way.


Let me give you an honest and frank admission. He’s right. Presidential campaigns last far too long. In 1976, Ronald Reagan didn’t win his first primary until May. Bill Clinton didn’t announce for President until the November before the nomination fight. Campaigns take far too long.


However, the Cox campaign didn’t create this mad cycle. We didn’t write the rules of the game, we’ve only realized how we must play to have a chance of winning.


I witnessed the Republican Campaigns of 1996 and 2000 and noticed the difference between the establishment campaigns and Conservative movement candidates that faltered. Establishment candidates realized  the time to organize was not a year before the Presidential election, nor the Summer before the primary. They hit the road and went to Iowa and New Hampshire repeatedly. They built contacts and established an organization.

Conservative candidates, however, waited far later to get in the game and found themselves playing catch up from the beginning. In our current system, this is suicidal as front loaded primaries require the presence of massive organizations to carry early primary success on to final victory.

As much as I love Mr. Cox’s beliefs, he would not have won my enthusiastic support were it not for his willingness to engage a crazy reality with sanity and common sense. His decision to step into early primary states has allowed him to get his name out, and begin building a grassroots volunteer base capable of achieving victory.

Of course, many people would rather ignore the race. We Republicans had a heartbreaking and miserable election and few want to jump right into the midst of another election. They’d rather delay their choice.

Meanwhile, their choices are being made for them. Recently released news stories show that far from ignoring the upcoming Presidential campaign, establishment candidates are busying themselves making preparations. In recently linked plans, Rudy Giuliani has the goal of raising $100 million. Governor Mitt Romney does too, and today he held a large fundraiser towards that end. The political establishment is busy anointing its candidates, pouring millions into their coffers, while Conservative Republicans remain on the sidelines thinking they can afford to wait.

Despite the fact that no voter has spoken, the media has declared the republican presidential primary a three way contest between Senator McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Governor Romney. National Review went further and called the race between McCain and Romney.

Here’s the question. Will you make your own decision on who to back in 2008? Or will others make it for you?

Looking across the field of 2008 presidential contenders, we have a swath of candidates who present records that are inconsistent, insincere, or show a wrong understanding of liberty. But Conservatives do have a choice in 2008.

If you believe we shouldn’t reward law breaking or approve amnesty for illegal aliens, John Cox is your man

If you believe government should spend within its means and that we need more freedom and less government, John Cox is your man.

If you think we ought to do something to avert a coming demographic crisis in Social Security, John Cox is your man.

If you believe that the rights of the unborn are sacred and should be preserved and that the traditional family is vital to society, John Cox is your man. If you’re tired of Washington politics as usual and career politicians, John Cox is your man.John Cox has been up front from day one  that he’s running for President. It’s time for Conservatives to stand up as well and back someone who supports our values lest our own procrastination deny us this opportunity. I urge you to consider volunteering. We need County Coordinators in all 44 Idaho Counties, and all across America we’re looking for leaders to serve as State, Regional, and County Chairmen. The Cox Campaign is not looking for political professionals, but grassroots activists from sea to shining sea who will join this effort to elect a conservative statesman.

Secondly, I ask you to consider making a small contribution to support this effort. Mr. Cox has provided seed money, but this is our campaign. We’ll only win it if we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. If enough people will stand up, we can make a phenomenal difference.

Most of us don’t have a spare $2,100 lying around that we can give to a campaign, but what about $20? If a person committed to give $20 a month, over the course of a year, they’d have contributed $240. Get 100,000 people to do that and you have $24 million dollars raised in a single year. In a country of 300 million, we can do it, and I’m asking for your help.


In 2008, Conservatives have a candidate, and how well he does is in your hands.

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GOP Pres. Candidate John Cox Reacts to Saddam Hussein Hanging: A Turning Point In History January 2, 2007

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John Cox, the first announced Republican candidate for president in 2008, has issued the following statement:

“The death of Saddam Hussein today marks a turning point in Iraq’s history, and in the history of the world.

Saddam ruled for decades with a brutality that was unsuited to the peace-loving people of Iraq, who deserve and yearn for freedom.

A great weight has now been lifted from the Iraqi people’s hearts and spirits, and they can now look to the future with hope and determination, rather than with fear.

I pray that the people of Iraq seize this moment as a way to turn the page on the past. That means turning away from sectarian and political violence, and turning towards living a new life of prosperity, hope and freedom as a nation at peace with its neighbors and the world.

Every day the Iraqis work to put their past behind them brings us closer to the day when our mission of ensuring peace and security in Iraq will be completed. On that day, we can bring our victorious troops home with honor.”

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GOP Pres. Candidate Cox Reacts to Pres. Ford’s Passing January 1, 2007

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ford.jpg Statement of Republican Candidate for President John Cox:

“I am saddened to learn of the death of President Gerald Ford.

Pres. Ford restored dignity to the White House, and calmed our nation during a tumultuous era in our history.

With his words of trust, hope and healing, Gerald Ford was the right president at the right time, and guided us safely out of the troubled waters of the Watergate and Vietnam eras.

His administration was one of integrity, honesty and fairness to all. Knowing that he was the only president not to have been elected to the position by the people, he was gracious in governing, but remained steadfast and true to his principles.

Gerald Ford became truly what he had promised he would be when he took office, “the President of all the people.”

We are enormously grateful to have had him as our president, and we mourn his passing.”

Welcome to Idahoans for Cox December 21, 2006

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I’m your blogger and Idaho State Coordinator Adam Graham welcoming you to the Brand new Idahoans for Cox page.  Here we’ll post about goings on in the grassroots effort to restore common sense conservatism to Washington.

This is  the most wide open campaign since 1928. There is no incumbent President or Vice-President running. America has the opportunity to take a different direction. We believe that direction should be towards lower taxes, less government, and  a respect for traditional values. After decades of watching Washington power brokers failing to address our problem, we think it’s high time that America look for a President outside of the political power structure.

Over the course of the next few months, we’re going to make the case that John Cox is the best candidate to lead our country and we invite you to join us in this effort. To learn even more about John Cox, visit his webpage.  If you have questions on Mr. Cox’s campaign or would be interested in volunteering, you can contact me. Below is my contact information:

Adam Graham

Phone Number: 208-338-6867

E-mail address: adam@adamsweb.us