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Welcome to Idahoans for Cox December 21, 2006

Posted by idahoforcox in Idaho News.

I’m your blogger and Idaho State Coordinator Adam Graham welcoming you to the Brand new Idahoans for Cox page.  Here we’ll post about goings on in the grassroots effort to restore common sense conservatism to Washington.

This is  the most wide open campaign since 1928. There is no incumbent President or Vice-President running. America has the opportunity to take a different direction. We believe that direction should be towards lower taxes, less government, and  a respect for traditional values. After decades of watching Washington power brokers failing to address our problem, we think it’s high time that America look for a President outside of the political power structure.

Over the course of the next few months, we’re going to make the case that John Cox is the best candidate to lead our country and we invite you to join us in this effort. To learn even more about John Cox, visit his webpage.  If you have questions on Mr. Cox’s campaign or would be interested in volunteering, you can contact me. Below is my contact information:

Adam Graham

Phone Number: 208-338-6867

E-mail address: adam@adamsweb.us



1. Julie in Boise - January 3, 2007

Adam, as you know, I already asked you about Alan Keyes on your blog. I also am curious why you are backing John Cox when Sam Brownback seems to be the candidate of choice for many fundamentalist Christians?

2. idahoforcox - January 3, 2007

Great question, Julie. My answer is that while Sam Brownback has been great on life issues, there are some issues that he’s not been great on. One of those is immigration. Mr. Cox does not believe that we should reward law breaking. I’m also encouraged by the fact that he is not xenophobic about immigration, but rather believes that America does not need “guest workers” who are going to funnel money home, but new citizens who will become part of our country as full citizens. He also will not put illegals ahead of non-illegals. That to me is a huge issue.

Even if immigration isn’t a 100% deal breaker for me, it is for a lot of people. When I talk to mainstream folks who are concerned about this immigration and outraged by Kennedy-McCain, I find that like me, they’re not uncomfortable with immigration specfically but with the illegal sort. I think for that reason, Mr. Cox will actually be more successful that Senator Brownback in reaching all conservative.

I also have a few problems with Senator Brownback’s Senate record as he supported President Bush’s proposal to create the largest entitlement since the Great Society. As such I don’t think he’s the candidate to back in the primaries.

To be honest, I’m kind of tired of typical politicians and the messes they create. I actually ordered Mr. Cox’s book after the Mark Foley Scandal broke and read through it for a few months and then interviewed him before coming on board.

3. Julie in Boise - January 3, 2007

It sounds like you are doing your homework, Adam. Due dilligence is obviously a good thing when picking a candidate (which is why I probably won’t choose mine on the Dem side until later this year).

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