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GOP Pres. Candidate John Cox Reacts to Saddam Hussein Hanging: A Turning Point In History January 2, 2007

Posted by idahoforcox in Media.

John Cox, the first announced Republican candidate for president in 2008, has issued the following statement:

“The death of Saddam Hussein today marks a turning point in Iraq’s history, and in the history of the world.

Saddam ruled for decades with a brutality that was unsuited to the peace-loving people of Iraq, who deserve and yearn for freedom.

A great weight has now been lifted from the Iraqi people’s hearts and spirits, and they can now look to the future with hope and determination, rather than with fear.

I pray that the people of Iraq seize this moment as a way to turn the page on the past. That means turning away from sectarian and political violence, and turning towards living a new life of prosperity, hope and freedom as a nation at peace with its neighbors and the world.

Every day the Iraqis work to put their past behind them brings us closer to the day when our mission of ensuring peace and security in Iraq will be completed. On that day, we can bring our victorious troops home with honor.”

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1. spree - January 2, 2007

Well said. Thanks for the link.

2. dumb3ox - January 2, 2007

Prayer is indeed what it will take, certainly so long as the Democrats in this country are willing to sacrifice American blood and honor for political advantage.

Best wishes for 2007!

Dumb Ox

3. Faultline USA - January 2, 2007

Yes this is a very thoughtful post and prayer is what is needed now. Thank you for the link!

4. don surber - January 2, 2007

Congrats on the job

5. idahoforcox - January 2, 2007

Thanks for your comments. Expect much more involvement in the blogosphere from this site.

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GOP Pres. Candidate John Cox Reacts to Saddam Hussein Hanging: A Turning Point In History | Idahoans for John Cox

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