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Welcome to the Open Field January 15, 2007

Posted by idahoforcox in Campaign News.

Media experts and party aficionados tend to limit the choices Republicans have to two Candidates. We’re told repeatedly who’s in and who’s out despite the fact that nothing’s happened and it’s all guess work.


One of America’s foremost political experts had a column on the race. Michael Barone doesn’t see any certainties, just a bunch of question marks. You can read Barone’s whole analysis here, he writes:

Thirteen months from now, we are likely to know who will be the nominees of our two major parties. The current leaders in the polls are in opposition to or in tension with their parties’ bases in important respects. Rudolph Giuliani is way out of line with cultural conservatives on issues like abortion, gay rights and gun control. John McCain has been at odds with Republican partisans on issues like campaign reform, detainees’ rights and tax cuts. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been out of line with the antiwar left on Iraq and other national security issues. Barack Obama — if he is to be included on the list — speaks in a tone far less angry and partisan than the enraged Democratic left.

There is no guarantee that any of these candidates will be nominated. Many Washington insiders think that Mitt Romney, now mostly unknown, and John Edwards, not yet known in depth, will emerge as strong contenders. Both fit more closely the profile of their parties’ bases — but both have records on issues that are inconveniently out of line with them. And dark horses could turn out to be strong horses. Who was giving serious consideration to Howard Dean at this point in the 2003-04 cycle?

Still, the likelihood is that the Republicans will nominate a candidate significantly different from George W. Bush and that the Democrats will nominate a candidate whose stands and style will differ significantly from that of Al Gore and John Kerry…I think we’re entering a period of open-field politics, in which both parties will be defined less by their past leaders than by their new nominees.

Some Conservatives tell me ‘now is not the time’ for a Conservative candidate. If not now, when? This is our chance, this is our time.  The American people are looking to choose a direction. The question is whether we’ll seize the day or miss our moment. 

Regardless, let us hear no more  of John Cox can’t win. There are no can’t. There’s only, “Let’s see what happens.” Welcome to the Open Field.

Hat Tip: Wizbang Politics



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