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2025: The John Cox Plan for Energy Independence January 31, 2007

Posted by idahoforcox in Issues.

* GOP Presidential candidate John Cox Announces “The 2025 Plan:
Energy Independence by 2025” *

John Cox, the first announced candidate for president, today
announced his plan to achieve energy independence for the United

The five-point plan outlines ways in which America can wean itself
off foreign sources of energy.

“We cannot continue to send money overseas, funding our enemies and
increasing the chances that they will use that money to finance
terrorism against us,” he said. “Ensuring safe, clean domestically
produced sources of energy is a national security issue as much as
it is an energy issue. We must begin now to encourage the free
market to develop solutions that government has thus far been unable
to provide.”

1. More Domestic Exploration – “As a first step, we must drill for
more oil in Alaska. We must explore the ANWR region, and do it in an
environmentally safe way. Expanded capacity is vital for our
nation’s energy needs.”

2. Energy Diversity. – “We have become addicts to oil. That must
end. Nuclear and clean coal technologies offer huge benefits. Among
them are dramatic lessening of our dependence on foreign or even
domestic oil. The key to energy independence is diversification of
the resources we use.”

3. Long-Term Solutions – “Wind, solar and other sources of energy
can be exploited far more than they have up until now. Renewable
energy sources such as these hold the promise of complete
independence from fossil fuels. The free market is capable of
creating cleaner burning gasoline engines, electric and hydrogen
powered cars and other technologies we haven’t even dreamt of As
president, I would use the Bully Pulpit to encourage growth and
innovation in the energy sector.”

4. End All Subsidies for Big Oil – “We must make the playing field
level. Giving subsidies to oil companies requires us to give
subsidies to other energy sectors. Ethanol producers require
subsidies to keep up with oil companies. Then, oil companies require
more subsidies. Subsidies create campaign contributions for
politicians, but they interfere with the free market, where most of
the energy innovations will come from in the coming decades.”

5. End The IRS – “While seemingly unrelated to energy, our current
tax system actually stifles competition, sucking capital out of the
economy and slowing development of new technologies. Replacing the
IRS with a FairTax that taxes consumption, not capital, would put
billions back into the economy and allow investment in renewable
energy and new, more efficient technologies that could save billions
in energy costs each year.”



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