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GOP Presidential candidate John Cox Calls Dr. Martin Luther King “A Visionary”; Calls for a Color-Blind Society January 15, 2007

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martin-luther-king-speech.jpgThe following statement was released today by John Cox, Republican candidate for president of the United States:

“In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill declaring that beginning in 1986, the third Monday of every January would be celebrated as Martin Luther King Day.

Reagan said Dr. King had a “truly prophetic voice,” and praised his challenge to his fellow citizens “to make real the promise of America as a land of freedom, equality, opportunity, and brotherhood.”

Dr. King would surely be pleased by how far we have come in the nearly 40 years since his violent and senseless death.

Living examples of his famous “I have a Dream” speech can be seen in schoolyards across America as children of all races and nationalities play and live together each day as friends. Neighbors and co-workers of all races and colors share their lives together with little thought towards differences in ethnic background.

Fulfilling Dr. King’s vision of judging our neighbors not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, requires us to seek an equality of opportunity for all.

We must achieve true opportunity in America for all of her citizens, regardless of color. We can do this only through working towards a truly colorblind society – one in which merit and opportunity work hand-in-hand, and one in which advancement is never based upon racial background.

Programs such as affirmative action, however, still cause division, separation and suspicion among people of different racial backgrounds.

Many economically disadvantaged children are trapped in schools that are failing to give them the educational head start they need, and deserve.

We must work towards a day in which no one is judged by their race, no one is advanced or kept back because of their race, and no one is simply judged by their race. Such a system corrodes the very nature of equality, and mocks Dr. King’s vision of a society in which skin color is never used to disqualify one from personal advancement and achievement.

A person’s principles, values and character truly count more than his or her racial or ethnic background. When that ideal becomes a universal reality, Dr. King’s vision of racial equality will be fully accomplished.

As we honor Dr. King and all who have fought for equality this day, let us rededicate ourselves to the ideal of equality, opportunity and brotherhood for all.”

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GOP Presidential Candidate John Cox Calls on Dobson, Christian Conservatives to “Find a Home” in His Pro-Family Campaign January 14, 2007

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dobson.jpgChristian broadcaster Dr. James Dobson spoke out in opposition to Senator John McCain’s presidential run Saturday, saying he would not vote for McCain, “under any circumstances,” citing specifically McCain’s failure to support traditional marriage.

During an interview with Dallas, TX radio station KCBI Saturday, Dobson, who made it clear he was speaking for himself, not the Focus on the Family organization he heads, said:

“I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances,” adding, “He’s not for traditional marriage and I pray that we won’t get stuck with him” as the GOP nominee.

Dobson was reacting to an audio clip of McCain responding to a question about gay marriage. “I think, uh … I think that gay marriage should be allowed if there’s a ceremony kind of thing, if you wanna call it that … I don’t have any problem with that,” McCain said on the clip.

Dobson also cited the McCain-Feingold law McCain co-sponsored in the U.S. Senate as another reason for his opposition. The bill prevented groups like Focus on the Family from speaking out regarding pending legislation in Congress, he said. The group has since started a separate organization to allow it to continue to speak out about relevant issues.

He said McCain is now sponsoring a bill with Democrats that put further restrictions on religious groups to exercise their free speech rights.

GOP presidential hopeful John Cox is a pro-family candidate who opposes gay marriage and civil unions and is pro-life, without exceptions. Like Dobson, he wants the McCain-Feingold legislation repealed.

Cox said he has heard statements like Dobson’s many times on the campaign trail.

“Dr. Dobson’s comments reflect the deep distrust conservative Republicans have with John McCain and other so-called ‘frontrunners,'” he said. “They do not want a liberal or an easily swayed ‘moderate’ as their presidential nominee in 2008. They want, and expect, a strong conservative voice in the White House, one who can stand up for the traditional family every day as president.

“I am working hard to give a voice to the conservative movement. It currently does not have a political voice. Conservatives are yearning to be heard again in the political process on issues like preserving the traditional family unit and on the tragedy of abortion.

“I hope Dr. Dobson will join others who have found a home in our presidential campaign: a movement for conservative, pro-family values and conservative solutions that is growing quickly across the nation.”

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John Cox Media Round-Up January 8, 2007

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New Hampshire Public Radio did a short piece on John Cox that covers a lot in 60 seconds. The only thing they get wrong is that opening the Manchester Office didn’t signal Cox’s entry into the race, he did that nine months ago.

 The Cox campaign posts an article from the Manchester Daily Express and another one from the Nashua Telepgraph.

GOP Pres. Candidate John Cox Reacts to Saddam Hussein Hanging: A Turning Point In History January 2, 2007

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John Cox, the first announced Republican candidate for president in 2008, has issued the following statement:

“The death of Saddam Hussein today marks a turning point in Iraq’s history, and in the history of the world.

Saddam ruled for decades with a brutality that was unsuited to the peace-loving people of Iraq, who deserve and yearn for freedom.

A great weight has now been lifted from the Iraqi people’s hearts and spirits, and they can now look to the future with hope and determination, rather than with fear.

I pray that the people of Iraq seize this moment as a way to turn the page on the past. That means turning away from sectarian and political violence, and turning towards living a new life of prosperity, hope and freedom as a nation at peace with its neighbors and the world.

Every day the Iraqis work to put their past behind them brings us closer to the day when our mission of ensuring peace and security in Iraq will be completed. On that day, we can bring our victorious troops home with honor.”

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GOP Pres. Candidate Cox Reacts to Pres. Ford’s Passing January 1, 2007

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ford.jpg Statement of Republican Candidate for President John Cox:

“I am saddened to learn of the death of President Gerald Ford.

Pres. Ford restored dignity to the White House, and calmed our nation during a tumultuous era in our history.

With his words of trust, hope and healing, Gerald Ford was the right president at the right time, and guided us safely out of the troubled waters of the Watergate and Vietnam eras.

His administration was one of integrity, honesty and fairness to all. Knowing that he was the only president not to have been elected to the position by the people, he was gracious in governing, but remained steadfast and true to his principles.

Gerald Ford became truly what he had promised he would be when he took office, “the President of all the people.”

We are enormously grateful to have had him as our president, and we mourn his passing.”